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Next generational fuji IX-a proposed universal dental material–but not yet 'set in cement'

John A. Loudon
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2: 5
ReviewOpen Access

Association between periodontitis and the development of systemic diseases

Kimihiro Igari, Toshifumi Kudo, Takahiro Toyofuku, Yoshinori Inoue, Takehisa Iwai
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2: 4
Original ResearchOpen Access

Translation and validation of the Nepalese version of oral health impact profile(OHIP-14) questionnaire

Mannu Vikram, Varun Pratap Singh
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2: 3
Original ResearchOpen Access

Toxicity of root canal sealers in vitro

Anil Chandra, Hena Rahman, Amita Agarwal, Arun Verma
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2: 2
Original ResearchOpen Access

Ion exchanges between glass-ionomer restorative material and primary teeth components-an in vivo study

Uri Zilberman
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Oral surgical procedures and pain, postoperative after use the ibuprofen or acetaminophen

Alex Semenoff-Segundo, Fernanda Zanol Matos, Alessandra Nogueira Porto, Álvaro Henrique Borges, Vinicius Canavarros Palma, Tereza Aparecida Delle Vedove Semenoff
Oral Biology and Dentistry 1: 4
Original ResearchOpen Access

Salivary inflammatory mediators and metalloproteinase 3 in patients with chronic severe periodontitis before and after periodontal phase I therapy

Silvia Reina, Fernando Hoyos, Nelson Carranza, Enri Borda
Oral Biology and Dentistry 1: 3
Original ResearchOpen Access

Chronic stress increases bone resorption in apical periodontitis stress and endodontic disease in rats

Tereza Aparecida Delle Vedove Semenoff, Aurélio Rosa da Silva-Júnior, Fábio Luis Miranda  Pedro, Álvaro Henrique Borges, Alessandra Nogueira Porto, Alex Semenoff-Segundo
Oral Biology and Dentistry 1: 2
Original ResearchOpen Access

Volumetric change of flowable composite resins due to polymerization as measured with an electronic mercury dilatometer

Riaan Mulder, Sias R Grobler, Yusuf I Osman
Oral Biology and Dentistry 1: 1