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Effects of Khat Extract and Other Staining Media on Color Change of Composite Resins Subjected to Various Polishing Methods

Waled A Al-Anesi, Ahmed A Madfa, Mohammed A Dubais, Aulfat A Albahari
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2019 7: 1 (26 July 2019)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Chronic wound management of periodontal disease

Duane Clay Keller
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2018 6: 2 (5 November 2018)
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Performance of epidemiologists using CAST instrument after online training

Ana L. de Souza Hilgert, Wil JM van der Sanden, Ewald M Bronkhorst, Soraya C Leal, Jo E Frencken
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2018 4: 2 (22 July 2018)
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Correlation of periodontal pathogens in concurrent endodontic-periodontal diseases

Amela Lačević, Federico Foschi, Lejla Pojskić, Naris Pojskić, Kasim Bajrović, Jacques Izard
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2018 3: 5 (22 July 2018)
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Effect of tetracycline HCL (periodontal plus AB) on Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans levels in chronic periodontitis

Sneha Kataria, Kabbur Thippanna Chandrashekar, Rohit Mishra, Vandana Tripathi, Ankit Galav, Upasana Sthapak
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2018 3: 2 (17 July 2018)
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A retrospective study of root apices closure of permanent incisors and first molars in Tanzanian children’s digital Orthopantomographs

Twalha Hamisi Mituro, Emeria Abella Mugonzibwa, Febronia Kokulengya Kahabuka
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2018 6: 1 (24 March 2018)
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Direct medication delivery modifies the periodontal biofilm

Duane C Keller, Marissa Buechel
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2017 5: 1 (14 February 2017)
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Current status of awareness, knowledge and attitude of dentists in palestine towards cone beam computed tomography: A survey

Emad Qirresh, Hakam Rabi, Tarek Rabi
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2016 4: 1 (28 July 2016)
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The oral health related quality of life in different groups of senior citizens as measured by the OHIP-14 questionnaire

William Papaioannou, Constantine J Oulis, John Yfantopoulos
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2015 3: 1 (1 January 2015)
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Analysis of parental factors and parent-child communication with pediatric patients referred for nitrous oxide administration in a rural community health center setting

Sean G Boynes, Mohammad Abdulwahab, Elizabeth Kershner, Felisha Mickens, Amah Riley
Oral Biology and Dentistry 2014 2: 10 (28 November 2014)