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ReviewOpen Access

Cascade radical reactions via carbon-carbon/heteroatom bond-forming process

Hideto Miyabe, Yoshiji Takemoto
Universal Organic Chemistry 2: 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Utility of thieno[2,3-b] pyridine derivatives in the synthesis of some condensed heterocyclic compounds with expected biological activity

A. Y. Hassan, M. T. Sarg, M. M. Said, S. A. El-Sebaey
Universal Organic Chemistry 1: 2

ReviewOpen Access

Use of high activity enzyme preparations in neat organic solvents for organic synthesis

Munishwar Nath Gupta, Joyeeta Mukherjee, Deepika Malhotra
Universal Organic Chemistry 1: 1

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Dr. Moinuddin Sarker
is currently working as a Vice President of Research and Development and Head of Science Team, at the Natural State Research (NSR), Inc at Stamford, CT and the inventor of NSR's award winning technology to convert municipal waste plastics into liquid hydrocarbon fuel. His major research interests include waste plastics to fuels technology, waste to energy, molecular beam epitaxy, single and poly crystal, X-ray diffraction, thin films, bio-diesel and bio-fuel.

Senior Editor

Prof. Rafael Luque
is currently working as a Ramony Cajal Fellow at University of Cordoba, Spain. He has a significant experience on biomass and waste valorisation practises to materials, fuels and chemicals. His major research interests are Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry, C-C couplings, redox processes.

Dr. M.N. Gupta
is currently working as a professor at IIT Delhi, India. His research area is use of biocatalysts in organic synthesis. This includes all media like organic solvents, ionic liquids, resolution of racemates by biocatalysts, Biotransformations, Microwave assisted enzymology, Ultrasonic assisted synthesis of chemicals and nanomaterials.

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Characterization of organic compounds, Structure and bonding, Synthetic organic chemistry, Synthesis of chemical reagents, Functional group reactions, Chemical reactions involving organic compounds, Organic synthesis and catalysis, Electronic organic chemistry, Green chemistry, Microwave chemistry, Fullerenes, Stereochemistry, Spectroscopy studies, Organometalic chemistry, Organic geochemistry, Free radicals chemistry,Photo chemistry, Bioorganic chemistry, Physical and theoretical organic chemistry, Natural products chemistry, Petroleum organic chemistry, Quantum chemistry, Synthesis of biologically active compounds, Food and Agriculture organic chemistry.