Instructions for authors - Universal Organic Chemistry

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Universal Organic Chemistry is  dedicated to publishing  all types of articles to which the authors have made significant contributions, that illustrate the  fundamental  and  advanced research  in organic chemistry. The Journal focuses on organic compounds, synthesis, hydrocarbons and their derivatives, including the exciting interface to the chemical  and  life sciences.

Herbert Publications is dedicated to publish and provide access to quality information and valuable contributions to the journal’s respective field. It follows a specific format for each article type to the credit of weight in the information and maintains diverse appearance for reader’s convenience. Therefore the authors will be guided to meet the submission criteria of corresponding article type with the author’s responsibilities and manuscript preparation and submission.

More information on journal policies is available on 'About this journal' page.

Universal Organic Chemistry  publishes the following article types:


Short report
Meeting Reports

Checklist for a Revised Manuscript

Once a manuscript has completed the peer review process, the Editor will forward review reports from the Reviewers and the Author may be asked for major or minor corrections for further quality development in the manuscript.

Please follow the guidelines below and crosscheck to ensure that the edited MS is better understanding by the Editor and Reviewers.

  • Explain the modifications point by point clearly and briefly in the first page of the Revised-MS.
  • Underline & Highlight or use Track Changes to the newly modified or added text.
  • Ensure that the files are saved in .Doc (MS Word) or PDF format only.
  • Provide a complete Figure Legend for each figure
  • Make sure that the citations are indicated in the text, only by the Reference Number in brackets. Eg., [1, 2, 3]
  • Check that you have mentioned your Conflict of Interest, Authors Contributions and Acknowledgements.

 The revised manuscript has to be sent within 14 days (May be variable based on the correction type) via email attachment to