ReviewOpen Access

Jewish decisions about childhood vaccinations: The unification of medicine with religion

Akiva Turner
Paediatrics and Health 5: 1
EditorialOpen Access

Misinformed parents, unvaccinated children and the fabricated vaccine-autism scare

Gina R Colaizzo
Paediatrics and Health 4: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Impact of maternal childhood abuse history on child’s attachment problems

Rie Mizuki, Takeo Fujiwara, Makiko Okuyama
Paediatrics and Health 3: 3
CommentaryOpen Access

Emotional intelligence: a place in public health promotion and education

Amir Bhochhibhoya, Paul Branscum
Paediatrics and Health 3: 2
Short reportOpen Access

Evaluation of BMI in obese adolescents at weight-loss camp with the Boy Scouts of America

Marsha B Novick, Erik Lehman, Ronald J Williams
Paediatrics and Health 3: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Barriers for children with mental problems in accessing child psychiatry services in Japan

Keiichi Funahashi, Takeo Fujiwara, Makiko Okuyama
Paediatrics and Health 2: 3
Original ResearchOpen Access

Association of temperament and social behavior with oxytocin levels among toddlers

Takeo Fujiwara, Manami Ochi, Maiko Osawa
Paediatrics and Health 2: 2
Original ResearchOpen Access

Overweight perception among adolescent girls in relation to appearance of female characteristics

Jolanda S. Van Vliet, Leena Rasanen, Per A. Gustafsson, Nina Nelson
Paediatrics and Health 2: 1
Case reportOpen Access

Facial nerve palsy: an unusual feature of Plasmodium falciparum

Clifford Onuorah Okike, Chinonyelum Thecla Ezeonu, Benson Nnamdi Onyire, Pius Chukwuka Manyike
Paediatrics and Health 1: 1