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Impact of maternal childhood abuse history on child’s attachment problems

Rie Mizuki, Takeo Fujiwara, Makiko Okuyama
Paediatrics and Health2015 3: 3 (20 May 2015)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Barriers for children with mental problems in accessing child psychiatry services in Japan

Keiichi Funahashi, Takeo Fujiwara, Makiko Okuyama
Paediatrics and Health2014 2: 3 (5 April 2014)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Association of temperament and social behavior with oxytocin levels among toddlers

Takeo Fujiwara, Manami Ochi, Maiko Osawa
Paediatrics and Health2014 2: 2 (29 January 2014)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Overweight perception among adolescent girls in relation to appearance of female characteristics

Jolanda S. Van Vliet, Leena Rasanen, Per A. Gustafsson, Nina Nelson
Paediatrics and Health2014 2: 1 (27 January 2014)