Herbert Publications uses open-source Javascript engine ( MathJax ) for displaying Mathematical Equations in a more sophisticated way. Mathjax helps equation display as much better display than the normal display format such as images.

Eg: Math display using Mathjax

Scaling the fulltext when equations are delivered as mathjax causes equations to scale at the same zoom rate as the text..

Eg: Math display using Image (Without Mathjax)

Scaling the fulltext when equations are delivered as images causes images to blur and improper to read.

The reader has the option to turn MathJax off or on using the toggle switch.

Other benefits of using MathJax include:

Copy and paste: lets readers copy equations from articles into Word and LaTeX documents, science blogs, research wikis, calculation software such as Maple, Mathematica and more.
Accessibility: compatible with screenreaders used by people with vision disabilities, and the Zoom feature allows all readers to see small details such as scripts, primes and hats.
Due to a known scaling problem in Internet Explorer we have decided not to enable MathJax in IE just yet. Most other browsers are supported including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.