Table 2 : Intensive Locomotor Training Protocol.

Task Time Task Details

Task 1: BWSTT* 40 mins Constant walking at speeds 0.48–0.94 mps

Task 2: Over ground activities with Lofstrand crutches 30 mins
total time
5 mins Walking with cognitive (counting) challenge
5 mins Backwards walking
5 mins Lateral stepping
5 mins Slalom course through cones
5 mins Stepping over 2wx4h inch hurdles
5 mins Fast walking

Task 3: Community ambulation 30 mins Community ambulation with Lofstrand crutches and bilateral
AFOs**. Supervised by spouse. Step # recorded via pedometer.

*BWSTT: Body weight supported treadmill training
**AFOs: Ankle foot orthotics

Lazaro et al.Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation  2016 3:4DOI : 10.7243/2055-2386-3-4