Table 1 : Participant Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria.

Inclusion Exclusion

>18 years of age â–ª Participant refusal
Ability/willingness to adhere to trial procedures â–ª Answered ‘Yes’ on any PAR-Q question
  â–ª Cardiac History
  â–ª Neurological Impairment
  â–ª Pregnancy
  â–ª Dizziness
  â–ª Hypertension
  â–ª Received treatment for OR reported having any
musculoskeletal pathology within the previous 6 weeks
  â–ª Reported pain on any of the 3 FMS Clearing Tests
Palmer et al.Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation  2017 4:1DOI : 10.7243/2055-2386-4-1