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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Percutaneous versus transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation in the treatment of faecal incontinence

Intsar S. Waked1 and Mohamed K. Seyam2*

*Correspondence: Mohamed K. Seyam

1. Department of Physical Therapy for Surgery, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

Author Affiliations

2. Department of Physical Therapy and health rehabilitation, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Majmaah University,Saudi Arabia and Colleague of Physical Therapy, Zagazig University Hospital, Zagazig University, Egypt.


Objective: A prospective study was done to compare the efficacy of percutaneous versus transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation forpatients with Faecal Incontinence (FI)who had failed conservative treatment.

Methods: Thirty-eight patients were randomly divided into two groups: percutaneous group (PTNS) and transcutaneous group (TTNS). Subjects underwent thrice sessions weekly for 12 consecutive weeks. Assessments were done at baseline and at the end of treatment using a bowel habit diary and Faecal Incontinence quality of Life questionnaire (FIQOL).

Results: The results of the study showed that there was a significant reduction in the mean of total weekly FIEs, mean urge FIEs and mean passive FIFs for PTNS and TTNS groups at the end of the treatment compared with baseline, p-value <0.05. The percentage of improvement was 42.8% for the PTNS group and 37.5% for the TTNS group. Regarding (FIQOL) measures, the results of the study showed that there was an improvement in all (FIQOL) measures for patients in both PTNS and TTNS groups. In comparing both groups, there were no significant differences between PTNS and TTNS regarding mean of total weekly FIEs, mean urge FIEs, mean passive FIFs and FIQOL measures p-value >0.05.

Conclusion: PTNS was given for 12 weeks did not provide significant clinical benefit over stimulation applied by the transcutaneous route for the treatment of patients with FI. Further studies are recommended to determine its efficacy overlong-term duration.

Keywords: Percutaneous route, Transcutaneous route, Tibial nerve stimulation, Faecal incontinence

ISSN 2055-2386
Volume 5
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