Original ResearchOpen Access

The Influence of Age and Feedback Training on Ability to Modulate Upper Extremity Weight Bearing Force and Pectoralis Major Muscle Recruitment While Following Sternal Precautions

Ansel LaPier, Kimberly Cleary
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 8: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Intra-session reliability of different angles of lateral wedge insoles in the biomechanical parameters of the knee

Vitor Ferreira, Leandro Machado, Rita Simões, Paulo Roriz
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 10
Case reportOpen Access

The Application of Complete Decongestive Therapy through Telephysiotherapy in the Treatment of Acute Upper Limb Lymphedema after Mastectomy during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study

Dimitrios Lytras, Ioannis S Myrogiannis
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 9
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A 10-year Evaluation of the NFL Combine. Do Combine Results Correlate with Career Longevity for NFL Offensive players?

Walker L Asprey, Brittany M Foley, Justin L Makovicka, Donald L Dulle, Kyle Williams, Jessica Ginn, Anikar Chhabra
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 8
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Effectiveness of Maitland Spinal Mobilisation Therapy in the Treatment of Non-Specific Low Back Pain – a prospective study of clients attending a single treatment centre in the Republic of Ireland

Anthony Phelan, Kate Phelan, Michelle Foley
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 7
Case reportOpen Access

The effect of a structured intradialytic exercise program on fatigue and quality of life of a patient on hemodialysis in an acute care setting: A case report

Rolando T Lazaro, Michael S Castillo
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 6
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Effect of course length on 400 m Walk Test outcomes

Sabrina F Stocker, Monique A Samrani, Colton Rapp, Nathan W Saunders, Megan D Salvatore
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 5
Original ResearchOpen Access

Patient Identified Problem (PIP) Scale, Validity, Reliability, Responsiveness, Likelihood ratio, and Minimal Clinically Important Difference

Adi Halili
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 4
Original ResearchOpen Access

The Relationship Between Disability and Hop Performance in Subjects Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Joshua Prall, Michael Ross
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 3
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Teaching Students the Art of Working with Patients with Cognitive Impairments: A Comparison between the Use of Standardized Patients vs a One-time Clinical Experience

Shaun Varrecchia, Carol A Maritz
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 2