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The Application of Complete Decongestive Therapy through Telephysiotherapy in the Treatment of Acute Upper Limb Lymphedema after Mastectomy during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study

Dimitrios Lytras, Ioannis S Myrogiannis
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 9
Original ResearchOpen Access

A 10-year Evaluation of the NFL Combine. Do Combine Results Correlate with Career Longevity for NFL Offensive players?

Walker L Asprey, Brittany M Foley, Justin L Makovicka, Donald L Dulle, Kyle Williams, Jessica Ginn, Anikar Chhabra
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 8
Original ResearchOpen Access

Effectiveness of Maitland Spinal Mobilisation Therapy in the Treatment of Non-Specific Low Back Pain – a prospective study of clients attending a single treatment centre in the Republic of Ireland

Anthony Phelan, Kate Phelan, Michelle Foley
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 7
Case reportOpen Access

The effect of a structured intradialytic exercise program on fatigue and quality of life of a patient on hemodialysis in an acute care setting: A case report

Rolando T Lazaro, Michael S Castillo
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 6
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Effect of course length on 400 m Walk Test outcomes

Sabrina F Stocker, Monique A Samrani, Colton Rapp, Nathan W Saunders, Megan D Salvatore
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 5
Original ResearchOpen Access

Patient Identified Problem (PIP) Scale, Validity, Reliability, Responsiveness, Likelihood ratio, and Minimal Clinically Important Difference

Adi Halili
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 4
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The Relationship Between Disability and Hop Performance in Subjects Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Joshua Prall, Michael Ross
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 3
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Teaching Students the Art of Working with Patients with Cognitive Impairments: A Comparison between the Use of Standardized Patients vs a One-time Clinical Experience

Shaun Varrecchia, Carol A Maritz
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 2
Case reportOpen Access

Management of a Patient with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, A New Perspective for the Physical Therapist: A Case Report

Thomas A Koc, Timothy Marshall, Gabriella Fama, Jinal Patel, Jenna Tucker
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 7: 1
Case reportOpen Access

Case Study for treatment considerations for patients with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Janelle Chockla
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 6: 15