Case reportOpen Access

Differential diagnosis and clinical decision-making in physical therapy: Case report of a complex dizzy patient

Eric G Johnson, Chethan Akkur Channe Gowda, Ahmad A Alharbi
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4: 2
Original ResearchOpen Access

Intra-Rater reliability of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) amongst NHS Physiotherapists

Joe L Palmer, Andrew V Cuff, Melanie Lindley
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Clinical decision making regarding the use of vital signs in physical therapy

Virginia G Thistle, Allison L Basskin, Eric Shamus, Renee Jeffreys-Heil
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 7
Original ResearchOpen Access

The relationship of weight-bearing and non-weight bearing ankle dorsiflexion to balance and gait performance in young and older adults

Elizabeth Norris, Emily Hubbuch, April Ford, Whitney Allen
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 6
ReviewOpen Access

Lumbopelvic rhythm during trunk motion in the sagittal plane: A review of the kinematic measurement methods and characterization approaches

Milad Vazirian, Linda Van Dillen, Babak Bazrgari
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 5
Case reportOpen Access

Two-week intensive locomotor training improves balance and mobility of a person with chronic incomplete C4 tetraparesis

Abby E Linford, Joseph C Wegley, Kathryn Blackadar, Geraldine Brunner-Lam, Rolando T Lazaro
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 4
Original ResearchOpen Access

The effects of a 6 week dynamic core stability plank exercise program compared to a traditional supine core stability strengthening program on diastasis recti abdominis closure, pain, oswestry disability index (ODI) and pelvic floor disability index scores (PFDI)

Lori Maria Walton, Adislen Costa, Donna LaVanture, Sarah McIlrath, Brittney Stebbins
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 3
Case reportOpen Access

Using symptoms to effectively dose therapeutic exercises for a female with multiple sclerosis after an acute exacerbation: A case report

Alexis Mielke, Rolando Lazaro, Gail Widener
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 2
Original ResearchOpen Access

Effect of vestibular adaptation exercises on chronic motion sensitivity: a randomized controlled trial

Danah Alyahya, Eric G Johnson, Noha S Daher, Shilpa B Gaikwad, Sukrut Deshpande, Tim K Cordett, Lisa Zidek
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 3: 1
Original ResearchOpen Access

Evaluation of anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed patients should include both self-evaluation and anteroposterior joint movement estimation?

Dario Santos, Fernando Massa, Franco Simini
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 2: 3