Figure 9 : Spatial learning in the Morris Water Maze.

(A) Mothers and (B) offsprings from the undisturbed and stressed derived group showed a similar index of learning as measured by the latency to find a hidden platform during the training sessions (day 1 to day 4; 4 trial/day). Twenty four hours after training a probe test was administered to determine recall on the location of the now removed platform. No significant differences were found between (C) stressed and unstressed mothers on their strategy to search for the platform. Interestingly, a trend towards a better recall was observed on the stressed female group. (D) Litters derived from stressed mothers showed a similar behavior compared to the control group.

Tejada-Simon et al.Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Functions  2015 2:10DOI : 10.7243/2055-3447-2-10