Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Functions

Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Functions

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Fear of missing out (FoMO): the relationship between FoMO, alcohol use, and alcohol-related consequences in college students

Benjamin C. Riordan, Jayde A. M. Flett, John A. Hunter, Damian Scarf and Tamlin S. Conner*

*Corresponding author: Tamlin S. Conner

Department of Psychology, University of Otago, New Zealand.


Objective: To examine associations between Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), alcohol use, and negative alcohol-related consequences among college students.

Participants: Participants were two samples of undergraduate students ages 18-25 (Study 1 n=182; Study 2 n=250).

Methods: In both studies, participants completed the Fear of Missing Out Scale (FoMOs) and the Brief Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire (B-YAACQ) in which they reported the number of negative alcohol-related consequences experienced over the past three months. Alcohol was measured retrospectively in Study 1, and prospectively in Study 2 using a 13-day Internet daily diary.

Results: Across both studies, higher FoMOs was associated with experiencing more negative alcohol-related consequences but not overall higher alcohol use. In Study 2, higher FoMOs was also associated with consuming a higher quantity of alcoholic drinks per session.

Conclusion: To reduce alcohol-related harm within the college student population, it may be important to address social factors such as FoMO that may drive people towards riskier behavior surrounding alcohol use.

Keywords: FoMO, alcohol, alcohol-related consequences, college students, adolescents

ISSN 2055-3447
Volume 2
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