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Journal of Public Health Aspects

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Physician intention to counsel on physical activity: results from a pilot theory of planned behavior questionniare

Timothy K. Behrens1* and Vanessa J. Harbour2

*Correspondence: Timothy K. Behrens

1. Department of Health Sciences, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA.

Author Affiliations

2. Independent health consultant based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


Background: Physical activity has been identified as a behavior linked to reducing and preventing chronic disease. Physician counseling may represent an effective way to promote physical activity to a variety of populations. Still, counseling for physical activity is not broadly understood by physicians. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine primary care provider's intention to counsel patients on engaging in physical activity.

Methods: Using the Theory of Planned Behavior as a guide, a questionnaire was developed to investigate behavioral determinants for counseling patients on physical activity. Participants (n=26) were primary care providers in community clinics. To identify theoretical constructs influencing behavioral intention, two regressions were performed: 1) a multiple regression using direct measures of intention (Theory Model), and 2) a forward selection regression (Best Fit Model).

Results: Subjective norms and perceived behavioral control accounted for the greatest variance in intention in both the Theory Model and Best Fit Model.

Conclusions: Additional investigation can identify specific determinants that impact primary care providers' intention to counsel on PA.

Keywords: Communication, exercise, behavior change, physical fitness

ISSN 2055-7205
Volume 1
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