ReviewOpen Access
The difficulties that people with autism spectrum disorder encounter in different social settings
khalid Almahrag
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Bayesian MLIRT-based joint models for multivariate longitudinal and survival data with multiple features
Yangxin Huang, Jiaqing Chen, Lan Xu, Hanze Zhang, Yuanyuan Lu
Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics 9 : 4

Original ResearchOpen Access
Which is More Accurate in Measuring the Blood Pressure? Comparison of An manual Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, manual mercury or Digital Automated in Hypertension
Abdulbari Bener, Baris Sandal, Cem Cahit Barisik, Ali Toprak
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Developing a Conceptual Definition of the Successfully Transitioned Newly Licensed Registered Nurse (NLRN)
Joset Brown, Jill Nocella
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Clinical Relationship Between Cervicogenic Headache and Leg Length Discrepancy
Marc Robertson, Robert Gregory
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 8 : 8

Original ResearchOpen Access
Histopathological findings in the diagnosis of the stages of kaposi sarcoma; which are more valuable?
Seda Gun, Deniz Baycelebi, Ozlem Terzi, Levent Yildiz
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Comparative Study Between Mass Closure and Hughes Repair in Emergency Laparotomy
Abd allah Soliman, Ahmed Aly Khalil, E.F Ebied
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Current State of Affairs With Regard to Thanatological Imaging in Francophone Sub-saharan Africa: Opinions of Radiology Technicians
Abdoulatif Amadou, Pihou Gbande, Solim Carolle Nabede, Massaga Dagbe, Lantam Sonhaye, Lama Kedigom Agoda-Koussema, Komlanvi Adjenou
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Case reportOpen Access
Utilizing Telehealth to Deliver LSVT BIG Treatment for Young Onset Parkinson Disease: A Case Report
Willow Henry, Sarah Cline, Ana Carolina Araujo, Nicholas Ayres, Matthew Gabrielson, Courtney Mears, Rachel Thibault
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Short Term Outcomes of Laparoscopic Mini-Gastric Bypass/One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass. A Single Center Experience
Islam S Radwan, Mohamed A Hablus, Soliman M Soliman, Hosam B Barakat
Chronicles of Surgery 9 : 1