ReviewOpen Access
Financial impact of covid-19 on ophthalmic practices
Nishant Renu
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 8 : 1

Case reportOpen Access
Rehabilitation of periscapular malignant soft-tissue tumors after partial scapulectomy, wide resection and split-thickness skin grafting: A case report
Yudai Fujimoto, Hironari Tamiya
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ReviewOpen Access
Maternal Physiological Changes in Pregnancyand Pathophysiology of COVID-19
Jan Pawel Andrade Pachnicki, Liz Ribeiro Wallim, Gabriela Vanim de Moraes, Sarah Oliveira de Lima
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Original ResearchOpen Access
The Influence of Age and Feedback Training on Ability to Modulate Upper Extremity Weight Bearing Force and Pectoralis Major Muscle Recruitment While Following Sternal Precautions
Ansel LaPier, Kimberly Cleary
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 8 : 1

ReviewOpen Access
Can RNAi be used as a weapon against COVID-19/SARSCoV-2?
Kawalpreet K Aneja, Niketa Dixit, Arun Kumar
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Potency of atorvastatin in parasitemia clearance of plasmodium and the effects of the combination of atorvastatin and artemisinin derivatives on parasitemia clearance and organ toxicity
Olawale Adeyemi, Aina O.O
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Original ResearchOpen Access
HIV and COVID-19 Co-Infection in an Urban Setting
Philip Lee, Surksha Sirichand, Luis Gonzalez Corro, Nataly Rios Gutierrez, Carlos Cruz, Robert Grossberg, Raffaele M Bernardo
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ReviewOpen Access
CRISPR-Cas, a novel tool for unraveling the mechanisms of eye-related diseases
Kawalpreet K Aneja
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ReviewOpen Access
Renin Angiotensin System and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): An updated review
Rolando S. Vela Vásquez
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Empirical Size and Power of a Hybrid Statistic for Matched and Unmatched Designs in Interim Analysis of Clinical Trials: A Simulation Study
Yunfei Wang, Dejian Lai
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