Case reportOpen Access
Atrial fibrillation before 50 years: epidemiological, clinical and etiological aspects in Guinean cardiology
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Case reportOpen Access
The effect of a structured intradialytic exercise program on fatigue and quality of life of a patient on hemodialysis in an acute care setting: A case report
Rolando T Lazaro, Michael S Castillo
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MethodologyOpen Access
Generalizability Theory:Demonstrating the Process and its Utility with EEG Measurements
Adrienne Kline, Theresa Kline, Daniel Pittman, Bradley Goodyear, Janet Ronsky
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ReviewOpen Access
Using the NIH symptom science model to understand fatigue and mitochondrial bioenergetics
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Case reportOpen Access
Unraveling yeast and yeast derivatives: immunological effects
Carlos A.F de Oliveira, Vaclav Vetvicka
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Case reportOpen Access
Calcifying Nested Stromal-Epithelial Tumour of the Liver: case report and review of literature
Nesreen Magdy, Bassant Ahmed, Amira Elwy
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Case reportOpen Access
The Forgotten “Weed” Allergy: A Case Report of Fresh-Food Skin Prick Testing as a Model for Evaluating Allergy in a Patient with Cannabis-Induced Urticaria
William Keefe, Justin Chin, Mary Lee-Wong
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Effect of course length on 400 m Walk Test outcomes
Sabrina F Stocker, Monique A Samrani, Colton Rapp, Nathan W Saunders, Megan D Salvatore
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1 (slc29a1) localization on vaginal epithelial cells
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Original ResearchOpen Access
Patient Identified Problem (PIP) Scale, Validity, Reliability, Responsiveness, Likelihood ratio, and Minimal Clinically Important Difference
Adi Halili
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