Original ResearchOpen Access
How accurate is partial weight bearing?
Dane Thorne, Andrei Diacon, Lucas Annabell, Anne-Marie Boys, Andrew Hardidge
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 6 : 11

Original ResearchOpen Access
Protective Effect of Chrysin on Corneal Structural Alterations Induced by Sofosbuvir in Male Albino Rats (Histological and Immunohistochemical Study)
Noura H Mekawy, Heba M Abdel-aziz, Nahla E Ibrahem
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 6 : 5

Original ResearchOpen Access
Can We Learn from the“Wisdom of the Crowd”? Finding the Sample-Size Sweet Spot – an Analysis of Internet-Based Crowdsourced Surveys of Fertility Professionals
Gon Shoham, Milton Leong, Ariel Weissman, Yuval Yaron
Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics 7 : 3

Original ResearchOpen Access
Protective Role of Ginger against Metformin Induced Alteration in Bcl2 Expression in the Spleen of Normoglycemic Albino Rat
Hagar A Hashish
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 6 : 4

SoftwareOpen Access
SAS® Macros on Performing Competing Risks Survival Data: CIF Plot, Backward Elimination Fine & Gray’s Model and Cause-Specific Hazard Model
Chao Zhang, Yuan Liu, Yaqi Jia
Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics 7 : 2

Original ResearchOpen Access
Anatomical Variations of the Saphenous Nerve in the Adductor Canal
Rutvik Vanamala, Niels Hammer, Scheherezade Soltani, Khoon Lim, Michael Charles Wyatt, David Christopher Kieser
Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science 8 : 2

Original ResearchOpen Access
Comparitive histological and ultrastructural studies on the stomach of African cat fish (Clarias gariepinus) and (Oreochromis niloticus)
Mona Mohammed Mostafa Elwan, Eman El Sayed Mohammed El Nahass
Journal of Histology & Histopathology 6 : 3

Case reportOpen Access
Lupus leukoencephalopathy simulating progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
Kouessi Anthelme Agbodande , Adjadohoun SBMG, Prudencio RDTK, Wanvoegbe FA, Akanni DMM, Cossou-Gbeto CD, Kuye-Ndondo FB, Azon Kouanou A, Zannou DM, Houngbe F
Internal Medicine Inside 7 : 2

Case reportOpen Access
Constraint induced movement therapy for children with spastic hemiparesis cerebral palsy and mental disorder: report of a case study
Marcela Fischer de  Almeida, Andréa Obrecht, Tatiana Jaworski de Sá Riechi, Marise Bueno Zonta, Ana Crysthina Crippa
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 6 : 10

Original ResearchOpen Access
Effects of Khat Extract and Other Staining Media on Color Change of Composite Resins Subjected to Various Polishing Methods
Waled A Al-Anesi, Ahmed A Madfa, Mohammed A Dubais, Aulfat A Albahari
Oral Biology and Dentistry 7 : 1