Renewable Bioresources

Renewable Bioresources

ISSN 2052-6237

A New Composite Adsorbent Material for Water Moisture Adsorption

Yuan Yuan*, Yanan Zhang and Saffa Riffat

*Correspondence: Yuan Yuan

Universityof Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.


The paper describes a new type of composite absorbent material with high water moisture absorbing capacity. The composite material has a high water moisture uptake ability. The composite adsorbent is made of high porosity materials with strong capillary effect to hold the liquid. The purpose of the work is to investigate composite materials of KCOOH and silica gel. The optimised composite materials of KCOOH and silica gel with specific ratio of KCOOH is presented in the paper. The manufacturing process, water uptake and energy density etc. are also discussed. The material can be used for wide range of applications including chemical energy storage, dehumidification and water harvest.

Keywords: Moisture adsorption, composite absorbent, salt, high porosity

ISSN 2052-6237
Volume 6
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