Table 5. Correlation of GOLD spirometry and BODE index variables in grading the Severity COPD among COPD patients
attending chest clinic of JUMC from May 18 to August 18, 2017 G.C, n=80.

X2- Chi square,*-statistically significant, all scores of BODE index variables were 0-3 except for BMI score 0-1. (-)-negative
kappa coefficient (for BMI score) showed no perfect association/inverse correlationwith other variables. A kappa coefficient (K)
as measure of agreement: value 0 indicates that agreement is no better than chance, 0.01–0.20 indicates slight agreement,
0.21–0.40 fair agreement, 0.41–0.60 moderate agreement, 0.61–0.80 substantial agreement, and 0.81–0.99 almost perfect
agreement.The Spearman correlation coefficient (R) >0.7 would indicate that the variable was valid in grading the degree
of the disease.

Reta et al.Pulmonology and Respiratory Research  2018 6:1DOI : 10.7243/2053-6739-6-1