Pulmonology and Respiratory Research

Pulmonology and Respiratory Research

ISSN 2053-6739
Case report

Vertebral tuberculosis presenting as a posterior mediastinal mass

Mehmet Unlu*, Ismail Kayaalp, Pinar Cimen, Nuran Katgi and Salih Zeki Guclu

*Correspondence: Mehmet Unlu lidokain21@hotmail.com

Author Affiliations

Department of Pulmonology, Izmir Training and Research Hospital for Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, 35210 Yenisehir, Izmir, Turkey.


Vertebral tuberculosis (TB) or Pott's disease has become uncommon since the advent of antituberculosis drugs and improved public health measures. However, it remains a cause of disease, especially in developing countries. It presents with nonspecific clinical features and atypical radiological findings which may cause delays in diagnosis and lead to mortality and serious morbidity including permanent neurological deficits. This report describes a case of vertebral TB that presented as a posterior mediastinal mass suggesting a tumorous lesion, leading to delay in diagnosis. TB may affect any organ in the body including bones and should always be kept in mind by physicians in the differential diagnosis of the posterior mediastinal lesions.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, vertebra, posterior mediastinal mass, COPD, malignancy

ISSN 2053-6739
Volume 3
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