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The value of individual variables of BODE index and GOLD spirometry in stratifying the severity of COPD

Wondu Reta, Samuel Tadessa, Elsah Tegene
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2018 6: 1 (7 September 2018)
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Phase 1 evaluation of tubing PEP as an improvised positive expiratory pressure device: pressures generated through oxygen tubing across a range of flow rates and lengths

Ianthe J Boden, Julie C Reeve
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2017 5: 1 (27 May 2017)
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Longitudinal protein expression patterns in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome

Sarah Roark, Brian Sandri, Sanjoy Dey, Michael Steinbach, Trisha Becker, Chris H Wendt
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2015 3: 5 (8 October 2015)
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Exhaled breath analysis in the differentiation of pneumonia from acute pulmonary oedema

Silvie Prazakova, Nadine Elias, Paul S Thomas, Deborah H Yates
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2015 3: 3 (10 August 2015)
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Domiciliary continuous positive airway pressure therapy in an underserved population: compliance and influential factors

Tanisha S. Burke, Mary Ellen Wells, Jaspal Singh
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research 2014 2: 1 (12 September 2014)