Journal of Space Science and Astrophysics


Scientific exploration on the earth's rotation influenced by torque force

Sepideh Iranfar

Correspondence: Sepideh Iranfar

Author Affiliations

Astronomical and Astrophysical Research, Student's Research Committee, Medical Science University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.


Earth, the third rocky planet in the solar system is turning around the sun as other solar palents. Earth has multiple movement such as rotation, orbital motion, dance motion-based and precession movement. Each of the movement causes happenings and disturbance in one of them can threat human life. The rotation of the earth has been discussed in this article and the influence of torque force on it, has been surveyed. Two different hypotheses have been discussed in this paper to find out the reason of earth rotation with assuming the difference in the mass and volume. According the studies and analyze extracted information from provided formula, the reason of rotation influenced by torque force can be introduced and also the results are generalized to the second planet of solar system.

Keywords: Earth rotation, solar system, torque force, orbital energy

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