Figure 5 : Sholl analysis for the quantification of neurite outgrowth of TuJ1-IR AHPCs.

AHPCs, after 7 days co-culture with MSCs, were immunostained with a neuronal marker (TuJ1). Two representative images from each group are presented, from AHPCs only (A, A’), NCCC (B, B’), and CCC (C, C’) groups. Sholl analysis was performed to measure the extent of neurite growth and branching from TuJ1-IR cells. Three concentric circles (radii 10, 20, and 30 μm from the center of the cell soma) were superimposed onto TuJ1-IR cells. The number of neurite intersections with each concentric circle was counted. AHPCs in both NCCC and CCC conditions displayed increased neurite outgrowth compared to that of AHPCs only group. Abbreviations: AHPC, adult hippocampal progenitor cells; NCCC, noncontact co-culture; CCC, contact co-culture. (Scale bar =20 μm; applied from A through C’). D. Neurite complexity summary bargraph. Neurite outgrowth of AHPCs after coculture with MSCs. Neurite outgrowth of neuronal AHPCs (TuJ1-IR) was quantified by performing Sholl analysis. After 7 days co-culture with MSCs, there were significantly increased number of neurite intersections at a radius of 20 μm (AHPCs only vs. NCCC and AHPCs only vs. CCC). Error bars=S.E.M.; *:p value<0.05.

Sakaguchi et al.Stem Cell Biology and Research  2016 3:3DOI : 10.7243/2054-717X-3-3