Table 1 : EC options presented in the roadmap from 06/2014 to identify endocrine disruptors.

EC Option Criteria for identification of endocrine disruptors

EC Option 1a Application of interim criteria provided in legislation:
Identification of ED on basis of their classification (carcinogenic category 2 and  toxic  for  reproduction category 2 or toxic
for reproduction category 2 together with toxic effects on endocrine organs)

EC Option 2 Substances which fulfill the WHO/IPCS (2002) definition for an endocrine disruptor (i.e., external substances causing adverse effects due to an endocrine mediated mode of action)

EC Option 3- Category 1 Endocrine Disruptor: Identical to option 2

EC Option 3- Category 2 Suspected endocrine disruptors: substances for which the strength of evidence is not sufficient to assign them in category 1

EC Option 3- Category 3 Endocrine active substances: substances which have shown some endocrine activity but for which there is not sufficient evidence to assign them in category 1 or 2.

EC Option 4 Based on the WHO/IPCS (2002) definition for an endocrine disruptor and additionally considering potency criteria.

a:not regarded in this screening as most of the example substances evaluated in this context are not classified for carcinogenicity or reproductive toxicity

Schuhmacher-Wolz et al.Journal of Toxicology and Health  2017 4:2DOI : 10.7243/2056-3779-4-2