Table 2 : Industry Proposal presented by Cefic and ECPA for the identification of endocrine disruptors in a weight
of evidence approach.

1. The substance reveals primary endocrine mediated adverse effects in an intact organism (mammals and/or non-mammals).
2. There is a causal relationship between the primary ED mode of action and the adverse effect.
3. Effects are observed after exposure via a relevant route.
4. Effects are observed at relevant doses.
5. Relevance to humans or to animal species living in the environment cannot be excluded.
6. Potency should be taken into consideration: The lead endocrine mediated adverse effect in mammals should be observed
at doses equal to or below the dose threshold set out for substances to be classified as ‘Category 1 Specific Target Organ
Toxicity’ following repeated exposures (“STOT-RE” Cat. 1) according to the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
7. Severity of effect should also be taken into consideration regarding the degree of difference from the untreated population either at the individual or population level.
8. Endocrine-mediated adverse effects should only be considered if they are the most sensitive/lead toxic effect of the substance.

Schuhmacher-Wolz et al.Journal of Toxicology and Health  2017 4:2DOI : 10.7243/2056-3779-4-2