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A novel formula for graft weight estimation from preoperative computed tomography volumetric measurement in living donor liver transplantation

Talaat Zakareya, Mohamed Abbasy, Wael Abdel-Razek, Ibrahim Abdelkader Salama, Mohamed Deif
Transplantation Technology 2017 5: 1 (2 July 2017)
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Identification and cloning of the porcine ROSA26 promoter and its role in transgenesis

Ping Li, Christopher Burlak, Jose Estrada, Peter J. Cowan, A. Joseph Tector
Transplantation Technology 2014 2: 1 (4 January 2014)
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Initial steps to stabilize the microenvironment for implantation of stem/progenitor cells in diseased renal parenchyma

Will W. Minuth, Lucia Denk
Transplantation Technology 2013 1: 2 (28 September 2013)
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Prevalence of transmissible viral disease in maternal blood samples of autologous umbilical cord blood in a private cord blood bank

Juthatip Fongsarun, Maneerat Ekkapongpisit, Mantana Paisan, Siripen Chanthachorn, Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Transplantation Technology 2013 1: 1 (27 August 2013)