Table 2 : Epidemiological data and prognosis [5-7,10,33,38,40,42].

Epidemiological Data

Incidence of HZ:   HZ oticus: 1% of which 96% are associated with peripheral facial nerve palsy
  HZ in general: 3.6 per 1000person-years, 3% with neurological complications
Incidence of involved
cranial nerves:
  HZ in general: Ophthalmic nerve affected in 10-29% and facial nerve affected in 1%
  Associated cranial polyneuropathy : 1.8-3.2%
  VII, VIII, IX, X, V, III/XII (incidence in decending order)
  VII, VIII, IX, V, X, VI, III, XI, IV, I/II/XII (incidence in decending order)
Prognosis/recovery:   Full recovery: 45.5% of facial palsy and 11.1% of hearing loss
  Full recovery: 46.7% of auditive symptoms
  Post-herpetic neuralgia in 50% of RHS patints
Introduction of Varicella
Zoster vaccine:
  Incidence of chickenpox, HZ and sequelae has declined
  Incidence of HZ and post-herpetic pain reduced of more than 50%
  Decreased incidence of HZ (and thus RHS) in vaccinated populations

Rasmussen et al.Virology Discovery  2014 2:1DOI : 10.7243/2052-6202-2-1