Table 4 : Pathognomonic and secondary symptoms of the Ramsay Hunt
syndrome and related cranial nerves. Incidence in descending order.

Symptoms Affected cranial nerves

Pathognomonic symptoms (always present)  

Herpetic vesicular rash VII
Peripheral facial nerve palsy VII

Secondary symptoms (might be present)

Otalgia V
Loss of hearing VIII
Hyperacusis (due to palsy of chorda tympani) VII
Vestibular symptoms (dizziness, nystagmus) VIII
Taste disturbances, reduction of tear secretion VII
Hoarseness (vocal cord palsy) X
Weakness of the masseter and temporal muscles V
Asymmetrical rise of the soft palate and/or
uvula deviation
Dyssensitivity of the face V
Tongue deviation XII
Dysphagia IX, X
Ocular deviation III,IV,VI
Dilated pupil III

Rasmussen et al.Virology Discovery  2014 2:1DOI : 10.7243/2052-6202-2-1