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Swine influenza virus strains that induce interferon β in SJPL cells but are insensitive to exogenous recombinant swine interferon β

Krisna N.A. Pangesti, Marvin J. Grubman, Antonio E. Garmendia
Virology Discovery 2014 2: 3 (28 October 2014)
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HIV-1 subtype C envelope C2V5 characteristics; associations with markers of disease progression among 6 slowing progressing pediatric patients

Kerina Duri, Felicity Zvanyadza Gumbo, Knut Ivan Kristiansen, Munyaradzi Paul Mapingure, Simba Rusakaniko, Fredrik Müller, Babill Stray-Pedersen
Virology Discovery 2013 1: 4 (2 August 2013)
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The role of hepatitis C virus genotyping in evaluating the efficacy of INF-based therapy used in treating hepatitis C infected patients in Libya

Mohamed A Daw, Hana A Elasifer, Aghnaya A Dau, Mohamed Agnan
Virology Discovery 2013 1: 3 (18 June 2013)
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HCMV infection triggers smooth muscle cell proliferation in a 3D human coronary in vitro model

Rainer Voisard, Tanja Göttling, Regine Baur, Vinzenz Hombach
Virology Discovery 2013 1: 2 (23 April 2013)
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A systematic review of molecular diagnostic methods for the detection of arboviruses in clinical specimens in Brazil and the importance of a differential diagnosis

Marcos Lázaro Moreli, Vivaldo  Gomes da Costa
Virology Discovery 2013 1: 1 (29 March 2013)