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Genome-wide screens - a systematic approach to redefine the influenza A virus-host crosstalk

Adarsh K. Mayank, Shipra Sharma, Ravi K Deshwal, Sunil K. Lal
Virology Discovery 2014 2: 2 (13 June 2014)
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Ramsay Hunt syndrome revisited–emphasis on Ramsay Hunt syndrome with multiple cranial nerve involvement

Eva Rye Rasmussen, Eva Lykke, Jan Gren Toft, Kristianna Mey
Virology Discovery 2014 2: 1 (2 June 2014)
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Oncogenic viruses: DUBbing their way to cancer

Vijay Kumar, Nehul Saxena
Virology Discovery 2013 1: 5 (25 October 2013)