Table 4 : Signal functions and type of emergency obstetric care
in 30 health facilities, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Signal function/type of EmOC Number of
facilities N=30

Signal function    

Parenteral antibiotics 25 83.3
Parenteral oxytocics 25 83.3
Parenteral  anticonvulsants 22 73.3
Manual removal of placenta 14 46.7
Removal of retained products
of conception
21 70.0
Assisted vaginal delivery 12 40.0
Basic neonatal resuscitation 21 70.0
Caesarean Section 9 30.0
Blood transfusion 9 30.0

Type of EmOC    

Basic EmOCa 1 3.3
Comprehensive EmOCb 8 26.7
Basic EmOC “minus 1”c 5 16.7
Comprehensive EmOC “minus 1”d 1 3.3
Not applicablee 15 50.0

aA basic Emergency obstetric care (EmOC) facility performs the following
six signal functions: parenteral antibiotics; parenteral oxytocics; parenteral
anticonvulsants; manual removal of placenta; removal of retained products
of conception; assisted vaginal delivery;and basic neonatal resuscitation.
A comprehensive EmOC facility performs all six signal functions of basic
EmOC with Caesarean section and blood transfusion.
cBasicEmOC without manual removal of placenta, assisted vaginal delivery
or basic neonatal resuscitation dComprehensiveEmOC without manual
removal of placenta eDoes not meet criteria for Basic EmOC “minus 1”

Ifeadike et al.Research Journal of Women's Health  2016 3:2DOI : 10.7243/2054-9865-3-2