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Characteristics of women screened for a contraceptive intravaginal ring study in Kisumu, Kenya, 2014

Eleanor McLellan-Lemal, Deborah A Gust, Roman Gvetadze, Melissa Furtado, Fredrick O Otieno, Mitesh Desai, Clement Zeh, Taraz Samandari, Beatrice Nyagol, Esther M Makang
Research Journal of Women's Health2016 3: 1 (6 July 2016)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Comparative assessment of family planning knowledge and attitude of men in urban and rural areas of Anambra state, South-East of Nigeria

Chigozie O Ifeadike, Precious N Eze, Uchenna M Ugwoke, Godswill A Nnaji
Research Journal of Women's Health2015 2: 3 (13 November 2015)
Original ResearchOpen Access

Utilization of the modified WHO partograph in assessing the progress of labour in a metropolitan area in Ghana

Baafuor K Opoku, Samuel Blay Nguah
Research Journal of Women's Health2015 2: 2 (2 May 2015)
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Mother-daughter dyadic approach for starting preconception counseling at puberty in girls with diabetes

Denise Charron-Prochownik, Andrea Rodgers Fischl, Jessica Choi, Patricia L Schmitt, Neil H White, Dorothy Becker, Julie Downs, Margaret Hannan, Jennifer Thurheimer, Susan M Sereika
Research Journal of Women's Health2014 1: 2 (29 December 2014)